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I am new to the forum and have just purchased a silver fury...... I love it. I have put on new braided cables from low and mean. XL shooter grips and pegs, tribal seat and spoiler with the led lights. I am looking to change the air intake. I am going to order the low and mean spike adapter and was wondering what the best options I would have for replacing the stock air intake. I am new to the motorcycle world and need all the help I can get.

Anyone have any advise to help???????


the guy that dyno'd my bike today told me that changing the air breather wont really make the bike any faster, it is what it is... if i wanted to change it for looks fine, but thats it... said he has dyno'd pleny bike before and after new air and only gain 1 to 2 h.p. thats it.... but it sounds like its faster because you can hear it sucking air.... and that be careful of chance of sucking water in them... said to be honest to just stick with the stock air box! here's the guy that did mine link... Cycle Werkz | About
he one the top bike mechanic's in the usa, builds race bikes...
just thought i throw that out there to chew on! got me thinking!
peace :cool:
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