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Well PD you ask a question around here and you get a response.
First, welcome and I hope you are enjoying your new bike.

I have been around here for a little while reading over what everyone has written about this subject. It can be overwhelming at times, but just take your time and make call some of the companies and see what they have to say. I have changed out my exhaust to the Morton Inferno's and am running the Fuggin FC. I resently purchased the L&M adapter (should be here today) along with a spike intake off of Ebay. The best advise I can give is to do your research and try out what you like. The bike can only change so much without reprograming the computer... but why go so fast that others can not enjoy what you are putting together?

Painter and Tony both have good points. I have had no problems as of yet with what I have done. I may have the highest mileage on the Fury as of yet with over 11K miles, she is still going strong. You have found a great place to learn what is good to go with and what not to. One thing to say is to be patient with the fabricators as they have alot of ideas, but they are also trying to make it the safest possible changes without damaging our bikes.

Enjoy your ride whenever you can and will see you around here from time to time. Cheers :cool:
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