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Agree completely. Bikerchic put a pair of 3" vtx1300c risers on her bike, I believe she indicated they fit on with stock cables. I'm tempted to order a set of these phatrisers II for vtx1300c and try them.

However, Bill at RAW design said in email there's a set of risers coming soon, so I'm kinda waiting to see what develops.
Also, directline parts has had a posting for a set of cannella Fury risers that are "in final production" - been saying that for 8 weeks now so not sure if they're coming or it's just BS.
Something should be out soon one way or another, I'm thinkin :). and hopin'
I believe these are the riser extensions she is using....

and you can find them here...

Scootworks - Honda Handlebar Risers, PhatRisers, Riser Extensions, & Riser Accessories
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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