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I'm looking for anyone out in CA that is getting a fat tire kit from Sumo X. Corbin said that they would remanufacture their dual touring pan to fit the new fender and attach differently (due to there not being a hole in the fender at the rear of the passenger seat when using the sumo kit). They might be able to put two plastic tunnels in the seat to use the mounting holes for the rider seat. Corbin is located in Hollister, CA.

I might be leaning towards the dual touring seat so the woman still has a back rest. She is not going to be happy without the stock sissy bar on the bike. I do like the fact that it is easily removable.

Here is what the seat looks like: Corbin Motorcycle Seats & Accessories | Honda Fury | 800-538-7035
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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