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Anyone Using Galfer SS Rear Brake Line??

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Front one was easy (looks great), but it looks like the rear is a pain in the arse to replace.
Any suggestions?? Thx
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I don,t, contact Clueless, he will have info for ya.:)

PS I think Snuffdog did SS on his.
I have the honda ones. Shop didn't say anything about difficulties with the rear.
im using them...... to collect dust in my room, havent had time to install
LOL Imwright , putting them to work are ya
yep, need a full day off incase of problems. i try having day off and night before or morning after off so i can start early and work like crazy, had close call w/ RBT module for raw led and harley dealer saved me.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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