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Up for sale is a brand new set of 16" FMB chopper brand Blazed style ape hangers. These bars are gloss in color and are 1-1/4" thick but step down to 1" thick at the hand controls and at the riser/mounting point. The knurled area on these bars are 5" center to center. These bars were never installed and sell for 289.99 + sales tax. Shipping was free so total was $313. They are designed to accommodate internal wiring. See detail for all dimensions. Item is located in Taylor. These were made for a Honda fury but I ended up getting a different style. They were custom because I didn't want them to have the speedo bracket because I ended up moving my Speedo to the side mount. So they are designed for the fury and any other bike that has a 5" center to center. Minus the Speedo mount. I had them half ads mounted while my bike sat in my garage so i could get the feel and such while I was deciding on cable lengths and risers and whatnot but these were never actually installed or used. I ended up with the mercenary style instead. I don't know how much shipping would be but I can run down to the local UPS store and get a rough cost idea for different locations in the US. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking.
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