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Arizona Ride Yesterday (Video)

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Hey Guys,

Sorry about the quality......the read LED's WERE NOT's just how the camera picked it up......

David (My youngest Son is riding).......He seemed to be grinning a little.

Love this State, BTW
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Jimmy, that is one nice looking ride you have there and I sounds great.

Looks warm too:)
Nice video and a great lookin bike! I also like Az and the desert, but in the summer it can be a little to hot there. Are those pipe to loud when you're driving so close or are they ok? I think they are the best looking pipes on the Fury so far...
Nice indeed. Gonna try and ride mine from the office parking garage to my house today (1 mile) lol. still don't want to chance salt on my chrome.
Got mine out for about an hour today. Froze but damn if it didn't feel good to ride a little :)
Great looking ride Jimmy!
Very cool Jimmy! I'll be flying into Arizona at the end of this month visiting Honeywell on business. Wish I could bring my Fury with me.
Got mine out for about an hour today. Froze but damn if it didn't feel good to ride a little :)
I did about 50 miles yesterday and another 50 today. I never did warm up last night, I slept in a T-shirt and 2 sweet shirts. I had feeling back in my fingers when I woke up this morning., which is a good thing. Today was a little better, but not much.

I stopped in the local HD shop this afternoon and most of them were trying to figure out what I had. Once a couple of them figured out it was a Fury they seemed to want to stay away from it. Kinda like parting the red sea. When I walked out to leave there were10-12 bikers in a huddle and none was looking my direction. So I intentionally backed out in a way that I would be able to catch them in the rear view mirror. I almost started laughing, all but two of them were checking out the bike. I felt like turning around real quick pointing at them and saying “gotcha”! :D
LOL nice! As loud as mine is I can't wait till it is a little warmer. All of the ones I past today just stared. I like starting it as one is driving by so mine drowns theirs out :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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