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The fix to the fuggin efi fuel controller

Finally got aroung to installing the Fuggin Fuel Controller today. Bought it a few months ago.

Installed according to Fuggin's directions to the T (not rocket science here). Got the blinking green & red LEDs indicating improper injector reading. Hooked the connectors up every way possible with the same outcome every time. At this point I can only assume its a bad unit. Going to call them Monday morning.

Anyone had problems like this hooking up the Fuggin Fuel Controller?
To All,
The problem that Mobe was having is starting the bike. Once you have the controller plugged into the injectors and grounded, you need to start the bike. The controller doesn’t start working until the ECU is sending a signal to the injectors. The signal from ECU is interpreted by the controller and fuel adjustments are made. But the bike must be running to make this all happen. This is basically for all types of motorcycle fuel controllers.

If you have any questions or problems with any of our products, please do not hastate to call. We are more than happy to help.

Fuggin Fabrication
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