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Best Ride Yet

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Spent 5 hours at Talladega Superspeedway participating in the March of Dimes fundraiser Bikers For Babies. Eating :) , talking :D , and making laps on the track itself :eek: ! Looking foward to next years event already. Land vehicle Motorcycle Vehicle Chopper Cruiser

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What kind of slip on pipes are on your bike FURY-S1?
Those are complete exhaust. V & H Cruzers made for VTX 1300C. Just had fab shop make bracket. Once I had pipes and bracket in hand it took 4-5 hours to drill holes, paint, and mount. I used directions OJGP posted in thread titled exhaust issue solved.
Can you post a link on how and when this biker meetup is next year? Ive been to the NASCAR race at Dega many times and would love to get my Fury on that track. GO GORDON!!!!!
While on track we had escorts :( , 2 in front 2 on right and 1 following. We would go out in groups of 15-20 bikes being led at 60-80 mph, depending on which group you were in. Turns at track have 3 sections, flat on bottom, a transition lane of 20 degrees +/-, then racing surface banked at 33 degrees. We were allowed to ride on flat portion and transition but not high banks due to obvious safety concerns. (until you stand at bottom of turn and look at top it's hard to describe other than saying it's an asphalt wall :eek: ) Once on backstretch leaders would stretch out the pack, if you waited a few seconds then twisted the throttle, triple digits was possible, not that I did it ;) . Racing and wheelies would get you escorted off property! We would get 3 laps at a time. I had heard you would get 1 session on track in past but this year when you finished one you could get back in line and go again. I knew I had been out a bunch when a young lady who was voluteering asked me about running out of gas :D . For me it was a blast. March of Dimes Bikers for Babies of Alabama - Home
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I've been on the track in Charlotte doing the "Be Petty for a Day." Lots of fun!! Ended up going 168mph. Would love to get the fury out there!!
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