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Had the big inch bike! 100 cu in RevTech. Love the sound and loved the 6 spd. But I gotta say cruisin' downtown stuck at a light and in traffic. Gotta love it when the fan comes on and my buddy beside me with his Rocker C we have to pull over cause the engine is spitting and sputtering cause it's overheating! The climates we have here in Canada you would constantly be tuning the crap out of it to run right with the temps we have up here. I know I had to do it with my Revtech. Got rid of my chopper to have fuel injection and liquid cooled. Even if I had to give up 40 horse and 30 foot pounds of torque. This is a picture of my old bike I got rid of to buy the Fury!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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