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I think I may have done something wrong...

When I installed my swept Cobra pipes, I didn't have any problems getting everything on and fitting correctly. I even was able to tighten the bolts for mounting the pipes to the frame support without difficulty. I went out riding and was having a lot of rattle in the pipes. I retightened everything, but I remembered that the two bolts I screwed in between the pipes at the tail end were simply sitting in slots in the frame mount. There were no instructions to put nuts on them nor were nuts included in the stuff from Cobra (except for mounting the frame support for the pipes to the frame, replacing the original support for the OEM pipes).

Have I screwed something up? Was I supposed to reuse the original bolts (they were longer) and put nuts on the ends? I still have a rattle and it is because the pipes are not secured to the frame support. The bolts are just riding inside the slots in the frame support arm.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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