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Yea... saw your paint with the ghost flames... looks good! Blue on blue is... errr, hot.... lol, but yes, looks good. I will be adding under layer ghost flames to mine and I was thinking of blue ghost flames, so that is definitely a pic I was looking at.... Anyways, nice job bro... Now time to work on some accessories of your own... yarrrr :p
yep... but i have to wait till i get my bike paid off, still owe 6k on it... mabey after tax $ hits i will only owe 2k... i got 6 kids to feed, and on top that there hm. school. so they eating me outta house & hm.
got my pipes and power commander, looking into the baron's big air kit, and side mount for plate, after that i am going to just have to chill for a whole min. :rolleyes:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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