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First I am not, nor do I want to. 2nd, I said last year that a Speed O Healer may be able to do it, so since it came up AGAIN, I emailed Heal Tech Electronics about it, they now list the VT1300CX as available and got this answer,
3rd, don't blame me if you it works and you mess pants

so anyone wants to try, here is your chance

Sent: Sunday, June 20, 2010 15:34
To: [email protected]
Subject: speed o healer

I have a 2010 Honda VT1300CX (Fury), I was wondering if your speed o healer would by pass the built in speed limiter on these bikes as they do on other models, thanks


Hello John,

Thank you for your email - that's a good question.

IF the bike does have speed limiter, probably the SpeedoHealer can be setup to remove it.

To check whether the bike has speed limiter or not, one option would be to put it on a dyno and see if the indicated top speed is higher or not than on the road.

If the bike has speed limiter, the top speed is the same even on dyno where there's no wind resistance.

If you wish to try a SpeedoHealer unit we can offer one with money back guarantee in case it does not work as expected.

Kind Regards,

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LMFAO Sea Dawg, that was funny. I got first dibs on the first 250 kit that comes up.
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