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In Canada Honda Furys bought from Canadian dealers come from Honda Canada who buys them from American Honda because of an ancient distributor agreement unfortunately still in force. Honda Canada pays a wholesale price higher than the US Honda dealer's price! It's a good deal for American Honda but not for Honda Canada, Canadian Honda dealers or Canadian buyers . The Fury retail difference between Canada and the US is ≈ $3,000. For that premium fee Canadian buyers get a one year warranty and nothing else. Remember the $ is at par. It would be a good deal at pre 2004 $ values but not today. Canadian buyers have another option if they are willing to forgo the warranty.

Phone 10 of your nearest Honda dealers south of the border using
Honda dealer search. Ask for the owner or general manager. Tell him you are calling all 10 to see who has experience selling across the border and who has best price. You are out of state so there is no state sales tax. There is no one year warranty from Cdn dealers either. If you have a US address (of a friend's US address) the US dealer can register you for a US warranty but it is technically against their dealer agreement so don't hold your breath. You will need to forward the MSO (Manufacturer's Statement of Origin) and the bill of sale to your US border crossing customs agent 72 hours in advance of importation. Cdn customs will ask for GST and give you the RIV (Registrar of Imported Vehicles) form to complete your safety inspection at Canadian Tire ($204) prior to licensing. You will also have to license, insure and pay provincial sales tax on your Fury. You may want to inquire about insurance once you have your bill of sale to cover the physical importation period as well. Oddly enough there is no duty on US retail sourced motorcycles coming into Canada regardless of origin (the Fury is made in Japan and thus is not covered by NAFTA). The dealer should be able to give you an OTD (out the door) price of up to $1000 off retail if he wants your business and you may need a transport permit from state licensing (≈$25). If the dealer is willing to US register your Fury for US only warranty he gets an additional 5% holdback from Honda which can be factored into the deal (≈$600) but you are not likely to benefit since he is contravening his dealer agreement for his own benefit and won't have much if any competition from dealers who won't do the same. You will make the best deal with available dealer stock so expect to pay more if you choose to order a color he doesn't have in the showroom.

Please post your findings if you choose to go this route.

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I fully agree with everything that Gar has posted. I used all his notes/advice when I went looking south of the border.

I had a deposit down on a Matte Silver since Oct. 09. and just a couple weeks ago, at the end of March 10, the dealership here in Calgary told me that they couldn't come through with the bike that I wanted, the bike that they said they could get me no problem. Needless to say I was a bit pissed.

So I started looking state side. I did as Gar had suggested and I started calling all the dealerships located around Great Falls Montana, not too far from Calgary. Most of them had Fury's but not the Matte Silver one. One dealer I came across said that he could order me one, which I told him I would consider once I was done talking to ALL the dealerships in the area. Fortunately the last dealership that I called said that he had a Matte Silver on the floor and no one had their name on it. I told him to put my name on it cause I would take it. He said the price was 13,500, but I told him the other dealer (which I would be ordering from said they would give me the bike at 12,297). He said he would match the price. SOLD!! haha.

As Gar explains the process of getting it across the border is simple, hardly any leg work involved, trust me, I did the leg work myself...there isn't much. A couple phone calls and a couple fax's and it's done.

On my deal when it is all said and done, including paying for the inspection and GST at the border I am saving approx. $4000 than what they were going to charge me here in Calgary. Especially right now with our dollar on par....heck of a deal.
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