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Sorry for being stupid new and still learning, but I have been searching for hrs (in here, google, ebay, etc,) and I can't find what I am looking for.
I want to change the covers under the seat. You know, the one over the battery and also the one on the other side. Or just take off the honda logo (sorry) and replace it with my own logo. But I cant find the covers and I need direction in taking the logo off if that is the way to go. Also how do I get a new logo to stay in the old honda logo's place?
Also I have been looking at the KURYAKYN engine cover inserts and there o.k.
I just don't see them staying on too long with glue or tape due to engine heat. Am I wrong?
Is there any other inserts I can look at? If there is can someone tell me where to go? BECAUSE I SUCK!

Mr Byber,
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