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Clear Fury Turn Signal Lense Covers?

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Anybody know where I can score some clear lense covers that will fit the stock bullet turn signals?
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I think a couple of posters have said any stock VTX clear lens will fill the bill. Although I'm partial to the Kuryakyn bevelled smoked lens covers. They're an easy add on and dramatically improve the looks of the bike. cost a little more though ...

Stone stupid question! Are the bulbs in the fury amber colored or clear? Just wondering!
The Bulbs are clear in the stock. If you go with the Kury smoked lenses, (I did) They come with the colored bulbs. Just order the Kury smoked Bezel Lenses for the VTX 1300.
I use for most of my stuff, and they have the Kurys there, and advertize for the Fury as well.They sell the rear lights with the red bulbs, the bulbs are different than the front. You can buy amber bulbs for the rear for about $2.00, I did.
any pics, so we can see them installed?
any pics, so we can see them installed?
Go to my post "Cobra swepts added today" in Tech and Performance chat; 4 jpeg's there will give you a look at the Kuraykyn's. The pics are to show the new pipes, but a couple of them give you a pretty good look at the lense covers. Rear blinkers are red bulb single circuit; front are amber 2circuit. To me, they just seem to take and blend all four turn signals right into the overall look/lines of the bike; so much better than with those big orange stock lenses standing out like sore thumbs :). Its hard to tell from the pics, but the smoked lenses actually extend all the way out to the edge between the bevels and the stock housing, so the light blinks out at 360 degrees all round as well as directly out front and back.
Didn't explain that really well but gotta run and don't have time; I think you'll see it once you're looking at them.
Price I think was around $90 for all four bevels including bulbs and shipping; about 2mins work per bevel install time. Maybe 6 or 7 mins the first time :)
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I used clear lenses from Clear Alternatives. They came with amber bulbs.
thanks salty, they look good!
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