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Cobra Speedster Slashdowns

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Got the Cobra Speedster Slashdowns installed with the Fi2000R...I wasn't sure if I should go with baffled or unbaffled. The dealer asked me if I wanted it to sound like a Chopper...I said yes of course, so unbaffled it is. But my main concern was that people hear me. (tired of people just pulling out in front of me without looking). Anyway they look and sound great! But wholly crap they're loud. I'm still not sure if it's something in my helmet rattling or in my Head. Does any one know, if I put my baffles back in am I going to lose that nice rummble. I like the way they sound. Just don't know if my head can handle it. Thanks for any input. P.S do I have to readjust the fi2000r? I'm not much of a mechanic. :)
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I took my baffles out after about a month and have not regretted it. I adjusted my Fi2000 slightly and still need a little tweaking to do. Bottom line is, if the bike is running good and pulling thru the gears, you’re good to go.
Thank you that's good to know...Since I don't know what they would sound like with them in.
If you think the pipes are to loud with the baffles out and find and it is not loud enough with the baffles in you may want to consider a happy medium by drilling a few holes in the baffles to give you the best of both worlds.
I agree totally. I pulled my baffles, cut the back off and drill a 3/4" hole through the block off. It is not super loud but does sound really good.
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