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1. I am looking to get black pipes but don't know which ones to get.

2.Also if i get the cobra swepts should i get the cobra EFI?

3. Cobra FI200R or Dynojet Power commander V?
1... You can get the Samson's and the Cobra EFI, it's just a fuel controller, doesn't have to be matched exactly with the pipes, especially since each one of the pipes has baffles, you can adjust it afterwards if needed, but... if you are not planning on changing out your air box, you honestly don't need you a new fuel controller.

2... if dependent on if you get the Cobra's, sounds like you have your mind set on the Cobra's as it is... if that is the case, get the Cobra's....

3... There is also the Fuggin fuel controller along with your other choices. We have made several posts on here showing the strength's and weaknesses of each controller, I would suggest that you look through them, then also through the pipe posts that we all have....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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