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Update: Rear lights! These are the Paradox LEDs from Lowbrow Customs. They are extremely light and bright af. I mounted them with rubber washers on both sides of the fender after measuring 20 times. With this scheme I can remove the rear fender without cutting any wires or assing around with anything but the plugs. The connections are soldered and heat-shrink-ed and they will have the plastic auto wire slinky on them as well before being tidied up under there. Plenty of room. The lights are running / brake / and turn (yellow!) all in those little bullets.

Test connections!

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Plugs wired up and installed in the rear fender

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Final plug integration. The white plug can be used for a plate light later on. I saved the old one to repeat the process if/when needed. Again, avoid cutting the factory harness.

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Lights on for fun! Yes turn signals have the hyper-flash. Yes I have a flasher relay from Speed Metal. No I don't know how to wire it in yet. But everything works!

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