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I was just quoted for full dyno tune on both cylinders with pcv $325.00 . does that sound about right
Tuners can do what they call a 3-pull run; I'm not sure what all it entails but it is a basic tune that covers 3 power ranges but only as a kinda broad sweep. (as explained to me by a local performance shop tuner). A full-blown pc5 tune (more typically for performance machines) is an exhaustive dyno run which takes lots longer and plugs data into each and every one of I think 15 tables in the pc5 (I forget the exact number) for a really thorough analysis and adjustments throughout many more points in the powerband. The $300-range is quite typical for this type of run; was quoted to me by more than one dyno-tune operator.

sorry for the lack of more technically precise terms, but the guys were trying to put it into laymen's terms for me; this is how I understood things. I think in a general sense it's all correct.
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