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custom paint, and crome!

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Hey guys im new to the forum, from tennessee i have decided to go ahead and buy a fury, i will get one this week or the following, Abernathy's in Union City, TN has about ten furys, they are customizing one right now, they painted it, cromed the front forks, turn signals in mirrors. and wheels are being cromed now. ill post up some pics when its done. this is not my bike. thought i would drop in and say hey and show yal this one. i will not be buying this one, the price tag is about 16,000 on this one.


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Thanks for the pictures! Someone is going to get a nice ride. To bad they didn't send the shaft drive in for chrome too! That's going to stick out big time.
That's a sick paint job, will you be able to take pics when the wheels come back?

Now that looks tight!
Nice paint, any ideal what chroming the wheels is going to cost?
Nice paint, any ideal what chroming the wheels is going to cost?
not sure how much it cost, when i get mine in thats one of the first things on my list, ill find out. and ill be sure to take pics when its done.
Ok Thanks, I really want the chrome wheels, we got a place here that may be able to chrome mine, not sure I'll find out if they can...
post up some pics when you get em
Thats gonna be one sick fury!,...I still think they should've came with chrome wheels (base colors).
I agree chrome wheels would be great but then I also believe you would of paid a higher price for the Fury from the dealer. As I see it the Fury is something different that gives us more reasons for customizing to your personal likes and needs than most other metrics. That is what has been so great about HDs. They have thousands of parts available. I haven't seen any figures yet but if sales keep up we are going to see a lot more aftermarket options available for this bike. :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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