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Fuggin Viper-2 Custom pipe (Shorter?)

BK Kid

Our Viper or Viper-2 pipes are as close to equal length as the bike will allow. If you are looking for something shorter than our standard collector length we can make you a custom length collector. The collector would turn-out at the end of the frame. I recommend the turn-out like the Viper-2 so that the exhaust is blowing away from the bike. As far as maintaining the back-pressure and torque, we can baffle the pipes to insure you get the right numbers. The baffling will not make the pipes sound any less and they may be somewhat louder. The cost for doing a custom version would be $50.00 more than our standard pipes.

We have been thinking about offering custom cut tips for our pipes, I will put some examples in another post soon.

If you are interested in ordering a custom set, please feel free to contact me.

Fuggin Fabrication
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