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Went down to the tack and saddle shop the other day (we've got a LOT of horses up here, and cowboys are pretty emphatic about caring for their high-dollar custom saddles) and asked what was the BEST conditioner and preservative for a custom leather saddle? I eventually had to 'fess up that I was talking about a custom leather "saddle" for a chopper, but the answer didn't change; OAKWOOD LEATHER CONDITIONER. It's a product imported from the Land Down-Under and the constituents label reads more like something you'd find in a tube of Marital Pleasure Enhancement Cream (Emu Oil?), but heh, if the cowboys swear by it, it must be good, right? I didn't have the guts to ask them what all else they might be using it for (I was standing too far from the door!). They DO mention motorcycle,s and leathers in their promos.

Anyway, FWIW, take a look:

Leather conditioners soften,protect, restore color by oakwood.

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