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Deals gap!

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Maybe I'm the 1st fury on the dragon? Who knows but its a hoot! Hopefully will have some pics up in a couple days. Any of you guys ever been?
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Me and a few buddies are headed down there on the 28th of this month, it'll be a 7 hour ride for us, we're pretty excited about the trip!
I was there in June.Check out pics in the gallery here.
It was a hoot!The Fury did very well!


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What am I missing? Where is this place?
Went there three weeks ago. After only riding for a week, had no problems at all
What am I missing? Where is this place?

318 curves in 11 miles, it's pretty nice. Went on my Blackbird in 06, did a 13 minute run, not too bad for swinging a 600lb bike around. Cruised like a 25 minute run on the fury though!
I guess there was a guy on a goldwing that did it in 11 minutes...crazy stuff!
Yea, I met that guy in 06, called him yellow wolf, that was one crazy sight watching him on that GW! I actually ran into several locals who could do it in a shade less than 10 minutes, made me feel bad, but, that was the 1st time I'd ever been there.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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