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I wanted to do it myself as I am a mechanic by trade but they told me if I wanted to keep my warranty I had to let them do it!
Not true I believe but verify with Honda Canada customer relations Toll Free 1-888-9-HONDA-9 (1-888-946-6329). As a licensed mechanic and/or ASE certified Master Technician (or not) all you should need is to retain receipts for any parts used in the service or repair of your vehicle. Although not required, possession of the factory service manual $60US is further validation of use of factory recommended procedures should you later request related warranty work and a dealer challenges your competency. Normally, warranty cannot be refused unless prior related negligence can be demonstrated.

Should you need warranty work done you will be required to let an authorized Honda dealer perform the work if you want Honda to pay for it, which in the bigger picture is fair play. Theoretically your Honda dealer has all the latest service bulletins, factory training and support which you do not normally have access to. The exception to that rule is accessibility; i.e. if you are too far away and do not have reasonable access to a dealer such as when travelling (this should be explained in your warranty agreement). Again, save all receipts and be prepared to prove competency of the repairer if you are planning to ask Honda for reimbursement.

As a final note you should carefully read the terms of your warranty agreement supplied with the purchase of your new Fury (something very few owners do). When warranty repair is refused it is normally because of an exclusion stated in this document.
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