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good writeup..i found for me removing the tank was super easy after running most of the gas out the day before...just tip the back of the tank up so remaining gas runs to front...i personally see no need to take filter housing off although i removed pair solenoid...the electrical connector simply snaps right in...i found one intake valve fine at .007 ; one intake out of spec at .004 and the rest still in spec at .001 under so i adjusted all but the one to .001 over so all are at high end of spec....all in all not a difficult job but see why dealers need to charge what some do if they actually do it right
I wanted to do it myself as I am a mechanic by trade but they told me if I wanted to keep my warranty I had to let them do it! Sucks cause I never trust anyone with my scoot except myself! It's like someone else putting their hands on your wife sorta speak!LOL!
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