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I like the windshield

I reluctantly added the windshield (didn't care for the looks of it that much); but the windblast at highway speeds was leaving me feeling kinda beat up. Had my dealer put it on; rode the bike home over surface streets (25-50 mph), and found that at those speeds the little screen does nothing. nada. zip.
HOWEVER, it looks a LOT better on the bike in real life than it does in various pics I've seen. I've actually decided I like it - very small; doesn't draw your eyes to it and is, in fact, in some situations actually kinda hard to see.
Now, the good news - at highway speeds, it definitely makes a small but *signifigant* difference. Feels to me like it deflects about 10-15% of that windstream up over your head. (btw I'm 6'2" - if you're shorter might do even better, not sure ... )
That 10-15% might not sound like much, but it really took the edge off that highway-speed beating-me-up windstream.
Just remember it's a teeny little screen - not gonna do what a big highway windscreen will do - but then how ludicrous would a big highway windscreen look on a fury lol?
It's just the first of many addon's that're gonna suck my bank account dry in the near future, but I like it and consider it money well spent.
(Hope this helps, and if you don't like it as much as I do don't get mad at me please - this is all pretty subjective :)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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