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Yes, I'm Texan. no this isn't a gun thread... :D

So after years of not owning a welder (my last one died a noble death while welding a bridge over a crick on the ex-father-in-law's hunting property, still functional after 15+years of floods and falling trees).... I'm so super excited to finally have a bigger, badder-assed welder back in the garage... and a teenage son who's restoring an El Camino with me that will now be super lucky enough to learn how to weld stick, MIG and both AC and DC TIG before he goes off to college...

Hopefully the ability to melt metal as a functional art form will serve him well!
20200723_130213[1].jpg 20200724_180056[1].jpg 20200720_172307[1].jpg
Had to do some home electrical work to make room for the circuit too.. 20200725_142212[1].jpg 20200728_230531[1].jpg
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