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Exhaust for sale, Samson WarLord II " Rip-Saws" - Massive 2 1/2" One Piece Full Coverage Heat Shields. I purchased these and they are too loud for me... I do not have the baffles.
I will sell for about one half price 350.00 they have a few very small scratches and they are very small…
I live in Muncie Indiana.. I would like to sell them local.. I would like for the person to see them before purchase just to make it all easy.

Please reply and I will give you my phone number.
Not interested in the exhaust...but you live half an hour away from me! We can get a ride together sometime if you're interested. PM me your phone number and we can work something out. I know Bill, gsxr60003 is looking for some pipes. He lives ten minutes from me.
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