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I don't want to beat a dead horse here, but I need some advice. I am technically capable of doing many things myself and have the right tools, but am a bit 'challenged' sometimes about the whys and hows of the functions of some things.

I am running Cobra swepts (which I installed last weekend), an S&S air cleaner (the teardrop shaped one) and an Fi2000R. I've seen the many recommendations about not using the Fi2000R and also seen some of the conversations about what settings people have been using. I appreciate that many of you have been posting your settings.

When testing my bike after the installation of everything last weekend, I found that the default setting of 1-2-0 to be very sluggish starting off in low gear and that it had little to no "umph" at highway speeds. Also, I get a lot of "gurgling" and "poping" when decelerating or downshifting. I tried numerous settings... I've copied other people's settings (even ones for a different intake setup than mine) with varying degrees of success.

Right now, I am set at 3-2-2. I have good power off the line, but, sometimes can smell fuel at idle, so I think it is too rich, and the 3 needs to be dialed down, right? I have good acceleration in the middle ranges and much better acceleration at freeway speeds (but sometimes think a little more would be nice, but that may not be a Fi2000R issue -- I'm a big guy that takes the bike right to the max weight just riding it myself). HOWEVER, every time I decel or downshift, particularly from 3rd gear to 2nd and 2nd to neutral, I get a LOT of popping and gurgling. Do I need to dial the middle pot down a notch.

This thing is NOT "plug and play" to my mind. The performance I had at 1-2-0 sucked! I also don't want to cause any damage to the engine (I only have a little over 1,500 miles on the bike) from the popping and gurgling. Most importantly, I need to find settings that will be right for this setup to maximize my performance and keep me safe in the high-volume traffic around the Washington, D.C.-area.

I've looked at the past threads, but didn't find settings that exactly matched my needs. Sorry for bringing this up again, but I appreciate the advice that all of you bring to this forum!

Over to you!

Regards to all,


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Re the popping: if you haven't plugged-off the PAIR Valve, do it now.


Re the settings: put in 1-2-2

Back it up with a plug-check, taken at 70 to 75 MPH and steady throttle for 5 miles or so. If light chocolate brown, you're good to go.

Report back results.


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Just this past week, I installed the same setup. I put about 200 miles on the bike today with the settings at 1-2-1. The bike ran good but I think with the third pot set at 2, it would have been just right. I'll check that out tomorrow. I do plan on removing the baffles to check the sound out. I imagine I will end up cutting the baffles as suggested by others.

The funny thing is, I wasn't even gonna go with the cobra swepts until the dealer made me an offer I couldn't refuse...LOL ;)
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