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DarkSoul, you can save yourself a bit of head scratching if you just compare your hub to a stock Fury on the showroom floor. Measure the width of both rotating hub assemblys from the edge of the dust ring to the center line of the wheel (where the spokes are). They must be the same or your bike would be pooched 'cause it would dog-track with the wheel off the center-line of the chassis. Even though you can "mod" your swingarm, the drive-shaft and final drive are not 'adjustable' on the lateral plane. If your measurements are the same then we can look into matching splines ;).

Another point of concern is the distance between the widest part of your 130/90-16 tire and the actual rotating driveshaft. You would need about 1½" of daylight in there to fit the 200 mm Dunlop with about ¼" of clearance. One bit of good news I see is that they are the same diameter.

If you have the clearances and the $ a more straightforward option would be to send your 16x3" wheel to Kosman to be widened to 5½" rim and then mount a 200/60R16 tire which is about the same as your stock 26" tire diameter. Would save a lot of engineering headaches. If you don't have the clearances go for a 180/70R16 on a 5" wide rim.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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