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Tony here from HB, CA.
I kind of joined the forums and just went browsing and forgot to introduce myself.
In my mind life crisis mode so I bought a 2010 Black Fury..
Came back from Vegas with some winnings and got a great deal and it's been nothin but smiles riding..
I had not ridein a bike in 30 years, had an old 1976 Honda 750
Back in the saddle, was going down the Harley path, but stopped by to test ride a Fury.. needless to say...
I did take the MSF Riders Edge Riders Course... I actually learned a few things, not to mention got some cool technic's down. It was at a Harley Dealership.. ;)

Looking to customize it. I'm starting with reeper pipes, seems peeps don't hear you coming and tend to want to cut you off.. happened this evening actually..

anyway enough of that, hoping to hook up with CB Fury for a ride one of these weekends..

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Just got back from Vegas myself but it wasn't so kind to me this time. Some of that money you brought back was probably mine :) Maybe you could return it to it's rightful owner.....LOL. JK. Congrats on the bike and ride safe.
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