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How can you tell?

Fork seals ccan leak for a great number of reasons. Most common cause on a sportbike is wheelies. On choppers its usually something hitting the front fork and causing a sharp spot then when the fork travels the sharp spot hits the seal and tears it.
Consequently fork seals are like brakes they are not covered under warranty. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Talk to the service manager at the shop where you bought it and see if you can work out a deal. They may replace them and you just pay labor.
I ask because a couple weeks ago doing about 60 or so I hit one mean SoB of a pothole; not real big across but wide enough to suck in part of the front wheel; deep and with kinda sharp edges - felt the jolt all the way up thru the rotator cuffs.

Pulled over to check for any obvious signs of damage to wheel or whatever and there are none. No signs of leakage anywhere and no mysterious drops on the motor that I've noticed.

However, a couple times riding on a clear day I felt a drop or two of moisture from somewhere - like you skirt the edge of a light rain and get a drop or two on you - figured it was that or maybe an errant drop from someone's windshield washer or something going by.

But now I wonder if a leaking fork seal would show up this way. Anyone know?
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