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First off, yes I do intend on flashing the ecu after settling on the intake and exhaust i plan on sticking with. Till then, having easy access to the fuel controller is nice as I have limited room behind the side covers. Since the tool kit is a joke and the chrome cover can be removed without tools, I decided that would be a perfect place.
First thing was to cut the tool mount out. (Will deburr the cuts later)

A few hours on Fusion 360 and 4 versions later I printed this. Not pretty but is functional.

In addition to the O/E bolts, the back of the plate has two small locating pins that fits inside of the cut casing to help keep everything centered.

Using double sided foam tape, the FC is attached into the recessed section.

Then to help keep everything dry. Printed a cap to go ever the FC.

The top cap might be 1mm too thick based on the gap in the middle, (might be able to fix that with some sanding) but everything still fits under the chrome cap.

When I need to adjust the settings I can pop the cap off, make some runs, tweak it and check the settings without having to dig it out from under the seat. Hell I really wouldn't have to get off the bike if I can mount a small screwdriver in there.
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