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Ceramic problem - Exhaust Port Leak

We are working with chopped to replace his pipes. This is the result of an exhaust port leak. We talked about how the pipe and motor can get hot with-out the right fuel mixture and how running a fuel controller is important to get the right fuel mix. But burning thru 1400deg ceramic is caused by an exhaust port leak. When changing to any aftermarket exhaust you should always check for leaks. Changing too new gaskets is always recommended to insure that the exhaust seats in the exhaust port. Also re-checking after riding 8 to 10 hours, re-tighten the nuts/bolts. If you have a fuel controller, aftermarket pipes and your bike is backfiring it most likely you have an exhaust port leak.

The easiest way to check for this is by holding a lighter near the exhaust port with the motor running. The flame will be sucked in toward the port if there is a leak.

Also one other thing to note, your bike should be completely cool before washing. Cold water and hot motors and exhaust don’t mix.
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