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Fuggin Mayhem Exhaust

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First let me be PERFECTLY clear. I think the Mayhems look the BEST of any aftermarket exhaust. The sound is PHENOMENAL!!!!! Plus, I am very pleased with Fuggin and their customer service. In other words, no complaints from me.

I have already changed to the Cobra Swept exhaust. So why did I change?
Two reasons.....the Mayhem design doesn't allow the pipes to wrap around the engine. As a result they protrude out quite far and it is VERY EASY to burn your leg (or jeans or boots). Secondly, again because of the design, you cannot remove the plastic cover to access the fuses or adjust the ride of the shock. (You actually have to remove the exhaust pipes to get to that panel.)

I'm looking for 200 bux, and I'll pay for ground shipping anywhere in the US. All the parts are included, but you WILL need to purchase new exhaust gaskets. I would rate them an "7" To make them a "10" they would need to be re-chromed. There is some discoloration (bluing/browning) where the exhausts come out of the exhaust ports. Also, I've bumped my blue jeans against them a couple of times when they were hot, and it shows. Lastly, when the dealer installed them, they were too close to the plastic cover (where the shock adjustment is) and some plastic melted to the pipes.

If you want current pictures send me an email to: [email protected] and I'll send more with further info.


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