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I am selling my Fulmer Flying Tigers 1/2 Helmet. I figured I'd give fellow Fury owners first dibz before putting this item on eBay.

Here is a photo from Fulmer's website:

Here are the details, as copied and pasted from Fulmer's website:
· DOT approved
· Plush interior
· Quilted "Y" Strap
· Padded D-Ring retention system
· 81 "Smoothies" do not have 3 snap visor
· UV clear coating, protecting paint and graphics​

This helmet is a LARGE.
It was seldom worn and, when worn, it was never on my head for more than 40 minutes at a stretch.​

I can post actual photos, but you'll see it's blemish-free and in perfect condition.​

I tried to find this helmet on-line to get comparison prices to no avail.
I personally bought this at the dealership where I bought my Fury.​

All reasonable offers will be considered.​



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I just found one Fulmer Helmets for $59.95...Ill offer you $25 for it...
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