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It's starting to rain. Being old, weak and timid I'll skip the ride and offer my first impressions of the Fury after less than a week on it.

My last bike was a Honda ST1300. The Fury is 180 degrees from that. The ST was happiest at speed over long distances. Circumstances didn't allow me to use it for its intended purpose. Yes, I could cruise around town on it. I could also catch bass from a ski boat. The Fury does what I want very well.

Goofy stuff first:

The "tool kit" is accessed by removing silly pins from a plastic cover around the ignition switch. I took it off once to remove the "tools" which consist of an allen wrench and a two-piece phillips screwdriver just so they wouldn't come loose and rattle around. I'll never open it again. "Document storage" is under the seat. All sorts of allen screws have to be removed to get the seat up. "Registration and proof-of-insurance? Certainly officer, just give me twenty minutes to remove the complicated little pins to get at the allen wrench which will allow me to remove the seat and retrieve those documents." What were they thinking???

What it does not do:

This is not a race bike. It's quicker off the line than most cars. The one pin V twin has that low end kick that is great in traffic. Just don't expect to kick it up to a buck-forty or pass sportbikes in the twisties.

It's not a "touring" bike. If you want to cross three states two-up keep looking. I know some people in some places put three people, a crate with six chickens and a goat on a moped but they aren't have any fun doing it.

What it does it does very well:

Is vanity a sin? If so this bike is taking me to hell. It just looks sooooo gooood! I'm buying gear to match the color and tossing perfectly good gear that does not. People offer compliments at stoplights. Is that worth something? You bet it is! I may be a jerk but people I don't know who aren't selling something say nice things to me on a daily basis.

It's performance is top notch for it's purpose. I read all these "road tests" of motorcycles. None of them reflect my reality. Do I care how it corners at Infinion Raceway? I took this puppy across downtown Oakland during rush hour and drove to a crowded Walmart parking lot to cruise among distracted drivers and oblivious pedestrians. I must say the Honda engineers hit it out of the park! This thing is smooth and easy. Your little sister could learn how to ride on this bike. Absolutely no surprises. My absent-minded self was even able to go on the green light in second gear without stalling out. I couldn't do that on the ST and it has 125 hp. The long wheel-base is still shorter than a tiny car. Apply a little "friction-zone" and you can steer it through tight spaces at slow speed like a wheelbarrow with both feet up. On the freeway the high front deflects the wind from your chest. None of that "human parachute" feeling one gets on a naked bike. Your head is exposed however and a full-face helmet helps. For short trips with the half-helmet I affect the "interstate squint" behind glasses. Freeways are boring and I seldom use them except to get home in time for dinner. If I was stuck with a long freeway commute every day I'd look at other bikes. This one is fine if you're using the freeway to get to where you really want to ride.

What works for me:
I ALWAYS park in first gear and roll it forward until it stops. The slightest grade or nudge will roll the side stand up and over she goes. Fortunately I learned this while standing over the bike and was able to catch it.

On day one I got rid of the side reflectors. Twist them off with a pair of pliers. They're just stuck on with two-sided tape. A hairdryer to warm; some regular strength Goo-Gone plus elbow grease will get rid of the tape and stupid decals without hurting the finish. I did leave the VIN decal on. All that stuff, like the reflectors in bicycle wheels, is required by the feds to sell the bike in the US. One more case of the gubmint gettin' into my bidness.

I say no to helmet locks. They look stuck-on-stupid and don't do much. The local ragamuffins just cut off the D-rings and ride with no strap to keep from getting pulled over for no helmet. I found a 4 foot cable bicycle lock with a resetable combination. I run it through the back tire over the seat and through the full-face helmet or both straps of the half-helmet. It's just the right length to keep the helmet off the ground.

Storage: They're ain't none so what do you do? When I commuted to work on a bicycle I used messenger bags. I'm partial to Timbuk2 because they have a small extra strap to click in while riding to keep it from moving around. I can adjust the main strap so the weight is taken by the seat behind me. Works great and when you walk into Starbucks. You look like an artist with a portfolio instead of a homeless guy with a backpack.

Honda reliability; Honda engineering; Honda dealer/service network; Honda financing and less than half the price of a "custom chopper" with a front wheel that flops in the parking lot; leaks oil and (ouch!) has no rear suspension. The last time I tried to sell anything I was a Cub Scout peddling Jamboree tickets. I quit after two doors got slammed in my face. I could sell this bike all day to people for whom it is suited.


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Thanks for your first impressions Bob, now you can see why we like this bike so much... cause it is what it is...

Anyways, you can store the paperwork by the battery in that little plastic case under the two side panels, makes it easier to get out when the po-po come after you for excessive speeding on that highway which you are not on...

Cheers mate and enjoy the rest of the ride!!! :cool:

Oh, glad to see you took off the reflectors :D

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Agreed all round. Good to hear of someone from the Bay Area. Although I'm from Sydney my other home town is Union City just 20 mins on the 880 south of you....well that is if it is not a parking lot.

Walmart parking lot???? You're brave, that place is always crazy!! :eek:

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Enjoyed reading your first impression. Since I have ADD, I rarely get past the first couple of sentences but you had my interest all the way... :)
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