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Now I know this topic has come up about people trying to sell their OEM parts so I'll take any criticism that comes my way. ;)

I am moving soon and need to clear out a bunch of stuff so I don't have to drag it with me.

So I am offering my complete OEM fury seat. It includes everything that came off for the installation of the C&C Fastback. Make me an offer and you pay shipping. I took it off at less then 1000 miles.

I also have the OEM muffler with the chrome covers (No pipes).... It's all there but the chrome cover that faces the front of the bike is a bit dented. If you have this cover then you'll be fine. I had a hell of a time getting the stock mufflers off and had to get a little rough with it.


I also have a bunch of misc stuff....OEM pegs, rear amber lenses, OEM rad cover, all stuff I've removed to make way for other stuff.

If anything interests you give me a shout.... I'd give it all away if I could afford to do so but I live paycheck to paycheck like I'm sure most of you do so I have to rely on selling some of this stuff to continue funding new mod's for the bike...

Hope you all understand.
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