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Its actually very simple and I wouldnt really be calling these rules.

Basically this section is a reply only forum. If you are interested in having your Fury chosen to be the Bike of the month and be on the Hompage for that month, this is where you should be posting your images.

Each month a new entry thread will be started and You will have one week to submit images for that month. After that week, another thread will be started and the entry's will be added to a poll so you can vote on their Bikes. After the results are tallied the poll will be closed and the winner will be announced. The winner's bike will be displayed on the homepage for all see and swoon over.


Supplement 1: Please do not submit photos of a Fury without the 'owners' permission. This rule is in place if any prizes are won during the our friendly competition.

Supplement 2: All voting polls for the Fury of the Month are now public, please choose responsibly.

Supplement 3: Users are required to have at least one of the following items for your vote to be eligible:

- A Post Count of 60 or higher
- A join date of 60 days or more
- A paid membership

If your profile does not reflect at least one the required criteria, your vote will be removed and deemed ineligible.

Supplement 4: A Fury of the Month winner will be required to wait at least 12 months to re-enter their Fury for another Fury of the Month title.
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Not open for further replies.