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I'm sure this forum is a bit biased, but I can't decide which toy. Single right now, so no wife issues... been struggling with this b/c I can spend about $15k either way...

Muscle Car:
+Safer, feel better driving it in Houston traffic
+Drag strip fun
+May gain in value
+Drive year round
+Able to work on as hobby (more tools!)
-A lot more maintenance
-Less Reliability
-Have to park my daily car outside instead of garage (boo!)

+Open air thrills
+More fun to ride with buddies than driving in a car
+Easily fits in garage next to my regular car
+Probably more reliable
-Reliability means less excuses to buy tools.
-Gear cost, insurance cost
-Can only ride it about half the year comfortably
Fun to drag in a car but Dangerous to ride a bike?

I am sure you would get more use out of a car [I know I would] but it's just nice to hop on a bike [any make] and just ride... no cell phone, no radio, no b/s.... just cruise and relax.

If I had to chose my having my old 69 Chevelle back or keep my bike... I would keep my bike.
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