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hey beerz - a quick thought. you can't lock the doors on the fury. you can't roll up the windows, you can't turn on the ac, turn up the heater, turn on the windshield wipers. it's just you and the sky.

and at night, the road ahead of you and the musty haze of the forest. the dank smell of that lake you can't see, but konw is there. somethings burning in the distance. it's foggy. you can hear the crickets, you can feel the chill as you decend into the valley.

it's just you and the night. or the day. or the burning sun. the bitter wind. that driving rain. there's no escaping yourself on a bike. there's no buffer. there's no way out. once you commit you live with the scenery.

it seems to me the question you are really asking is 'a bike or a car?'

we are biased. we've taken the road to red lodge that night it snowed in mid july and we were only wearing a thin leather jacket, no gloves and no rainsuit. we've slid inch by inch through the icy clouds wondering if we'd ever arrive and when we did, 300 miles later get back to where we started, we were ripped raw.

we got up and did it again. we barely made it between those two deer that suddnely appeared one night when we were going too fast, on loose gravel, with a brand new bike. we've felt the rain at 60, saw that lighthing strike a hundred meters away but kept going because there just was no place to stop. no windows to roll up, no heater to turn on, no bench seat to fall into and sleep it off.

when you stop you have to put your feet down or you'll fall over.

monk. time @ bandcamp...


Seriously buy the 2 wheels.

I had a drag car.
I raced NHRA.
I travelled up and down the west coast. Pomona, Palmdale, Vegas, Bandimere, Firebird, Woodburn, and my fav Bakersfield.
I fixed my car. I fixed it again. I changed the oil before every event. I adjusted valves before every event. I checked tire pressure before every run. I breathed 110 Sunoco and pissed Redline.

...all gone now.
...all distant fond memories.
just me and the elements I meet on the Fury.

And I get way more chics!
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