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hello,bought my fury in close to 4000mi. on it. any one else in VT own one? I have some in put about the bike. first off i found it did not have the power that i thought it would.Sooo i installed a fi2000r.then removed the mufflers and drilled out the baffles with a 5/8 i can see daylight right through.sounds very good and has more get up and go.i did tweek the controls in the fi2000r a bit. also the head light sucks for night riding.i removed the factory bulb and installed a piaa xtreem white bulb.draws 60 watts puts out 100 watts and has not gotten too hot.dont want to melt my nice plastic headlite. also i find the foot pegs tend to come in contact with the pavement a lot.dont like that much. all in all i like it a lot. fixit.
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