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Fury Riders in Baltimore?

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How many other Fury riders in or around the Baltimore Md. Area? I already know that MC750 is from the city and I'm in the county a little south east of him. I think it would be great to hook up with other Fury owners for an occassional (or frequent) ride. Are me and MC750 alone here or are there others?
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My motorcycle club has a chapter there in B More. We will be heading that way in July I think
That's at least 3 of us. Myself in Baltimore County...MC750 in Baltimore City...and chucklh in Abington. Anyone interested in putting something together later this spring or summer. Maybe we can find a way to hook up with Snuffdog when he rolls in in July.
I'm not too far away...

I'm in Fairfax, VA, but I participate in a lot of rides in MD.

sounds good to me too, look forward to meeting you guys as well as seeing baltimore for the first time in person.
i have to go to parkhights and hayward 4-5 times every summer to see family.mite get a ride together? ride safe.
Great! Thats at least 5 of us that are interested, and MC750 hasn't chimed in on this one yet. With him, that would be no less than 6 Fury's tooling down the road together. Wow! sure would be fun to do that. If you guys are really interested, lets start throwing some down the road dates out there so we can start planning something. I can tell you that I'm free most weekends and can't think of anything I'd rather do....well....almost anything. Maybe we can start planning something for May or June?
I'm three hours south on the Easter Shore. But, I'm down to ride.
i feel a fury party coming on.ride safe
I'm at Fort Eustis, VA. Still, if enough time is given to put in a pass, I am down to ride.
I'm in for the ride. I just suggested the same thing on another thread. I should have looked here first. I'm in Martinsburg WV. 1 hour away from the city. I'm free on Sundays unless work has picked up. I would like to see the bikes at different angles as we are riding. June 6 is the God Bless America ride to the VA Center in Martinsburg. Last year 2515 bikes rode in it. It was a great ride for a good cause. I will be there that day. You all should check it out. Let's ride.
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