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These were a couple of articles.
Sorry if this has been posted before but I am currently researching pipes and fuel controller and found these full of good info.
After all is said and done the Performance Gains Measured on a Dynojet came out like this:

Stock Torque Output - Torque 71.32 lb-ft @3100 rpm HP 56.23 hp @ 4300 rpm
With new Pistons, Cams, Intake – Torque 76.18 lb-ft @3600 rpm HP 66.47 @ 5100 rpm
With new Pistons, Cams, Intake, Cobra Speedster Pipes & Fi2000 – Torque 80.13 lb-ft @ 3600 rpm
HP 71.25 hp @ 5150 rpm
Gain from pipes alone – 3.92 lb-ft torque 4.73 hp
Total Gains – 8.78 lb-ft of Torque and 15.02 hp

The first article is about adding a cam and breather.
2010 Honda Fury Project Bike Part One
2010 Honda Fury Project Bike Part One - Honda Cruiser Project Bike - Motorcycle USA

The second article is about adding cobra sweeps and fuel mgmt system.
2010 Honda Fury Project II - Cobra Pipes


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i read all of those when i was thinking about buying the Fury... i thought it was crazy that these guys needed to make all these mods to a brand new bike. little did i know... :rolleyes:
Hey, "BRAND-NEW" or USED, the pursuit of more performance is genetic to the male of the species, and dates back to the day after the first chariot was invented. Look it up!...............


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The golf clubs of today are far different from what they were some 30 years ago, especially many discout golf clubs have strated up. The transition from wooden shafts to steel shafts(ishiner), and improved club design, which have given clubs better balance and feel, are among the major reasons for the improved play of all golfers, particularly the professsionals.
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