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Great Vendor for Shoei & Arai Visors

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have a great site for aftermarket visors... have them for shoei x11 and x12, arai RR4 and RR5 in various colors and tints, mirror, iridium, gold, blue, silver, soon to be red mirror

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Adjustable Sun visor for Full Face helmets

I came up with a simple solution to riding with the Sun in your eyes: a painted Sun Visor for my Shoie helmet.
I hope the photos show the painted visor ok. I got tired of trying to avoid the Sun in the early morning or late afternoon.
I figured the most I had to lose was a $29 visor. I masked off the Visor and left about an inch in the middle with a gradual narrowing towards the sides. (remove the visor prior to working on it)

Using a light weight sandpaper (220) I lightly roughed up the area to be painted and then gave it a thorough cleaning with some goof-off solvent. Make sure, if you're sanding, to sand in one direction; lightly. Next, I opted for the Dupli-Color adhesion promoter and that did the trick. After the adhesion promoter dried I layered about 8 light coats of DupliColor Trim Paint- OEM Black. I would suggest trying the adhesion promoter before sanding. If the paint still peels off after removing the masking tape, sand lightly. In my case, I sanded first. The finish on the visors is pretty slick.

I picked both items up at Advance Auto parts. (NOTE: Any decent auto trim paint will do) Allow 10 minutes of drying (windy-Sunny day in my case) between coats. It works like a champ. As the Sun gets higher (or lower) I adjust my Visor accordingly. Remember, spray each coat lightly; this will result in a smoother finish. I don't lose any visibility when the Visor is full-on since the painted area is way below my nose when the visor is all the way down.

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