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I think it's funny because it's true... lol

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Thats great LOL

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Harley Gets It Wrong Again

You know I love teasing Harley Corporate when they head down the wrong path.
a.) It's easy, they do it so often.
b.) They have a cult-like following that swallow anything Corporate feeds them.

Enter, the SuperLow:

Great for gals, tiny men, and midget--uh, "little peoples."

How low is the SuperLow?

Well, I thought it looked familiar, kind of like the 2019 Softail Slim. So let's compare:

Heh heh heh heh...yeah, it's actually harder to get on the SuperLow than on the Slim, and you have less ground clearance, meaning less lean angle. And it steers harder thanks to more rake and the handlebars being higher. Oh--the tires are lower profile too so the bumps are going to be "more bumpy"--didn't see any of that in the marketing literature, did ya? B-u-u-u-t, on the up-side, the engine is half as powerful, so fuel economy is up 7.8%, which is probably on your eco-checklist, r-i-i-i-ght? (As long as you don't speed, because then it sucks. With the weaker engine the gear ratios are higher, resulting in higher RPM--OH!--There's also no sixth gear.)

Buy the Slim. Money doesn't matter. (Corporate said so.)



1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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