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Hi Bill, very pleased to hear she runs good, particularly when compared to your previous machines - 1953 125 BSA bantam and 1963 Heinkel scooter. 馃槅. Runs good, sounds good, job done, the rest is gravy. Enjoy.

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Since you have Japanese stickers and a Japanese bike you have to put them back on in a mostly-hidden yet still visible from some awkward angle location. There so awesome I'd ask for them, but you should know what you have.

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Hello Everybody,
UPDATE on my Japanese silver machine.
I鈥檝e had my friendly neighbourhood machine shop turn up a pair of risers to my drawing in S/Steel.
First, I fitted two bits of 1 戮 鈥減ipe to the bottom of the bars just to make sure the cables and electrics had enough movement.
I鈥檓 happy with the result. For 拢40.00 it鈥檚 brilliant! If I had to change anything I think I would maybe make the bottom size 38mm to reduce the taper a tad. The reason I made it 40 was so it fitted nicely into the recess in the top yoke.
Next job (started) is to make a new seat.
I鈥檓 not keen on the seat going up on to the tank. I have fabricated a pan out of 10mm HDPE sheet and welded the sections. The first two I made out of card and tape. Easy to cut and chop.
I made a right mess in my garage when I ground and shaped it, black plastic bits everywhere!
I forgot to take pics till I had the foam stuck on. On the bottom view of the pan you can see a hole cut out for the rear suspension strut. The top of the hole is covered with a section of drain pipe welded in position. forget the ragged padding all that will be trimmed and covered with silver leather on the sides and a dark grey crocodile skin on the top. I have to learn how a sewing M/C works and how to stitch to make the cover. I could still end up going to a pro for the stitching!

Next Job 鈥 Convert a S/S rad grill. I don鈥檛 want skulls and flames. Going, for a woven S/S mesh and a mirror finish S/S lazer cut Japanese Dragon. That鈥檚 the plan so far.


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Late welcome from me! That's the color that got me back to motorcycling, but I got a black one years later. Fun story about a jerk dealer and me being cheap.

I have a map of the Fury Nation going on here, you can get to it from the link by my signature picture. I'm adding willing members, just need a postal code or city (no addresses!). If you don't want to be added, that's fine too, check it out and see if anyone is nearby!

Can't wait to see what else you do to this bike, keep safe and alert out there!
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