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Look for Dillonr post on this subject he stated that the BALLAST really doesn't get hot only rather warm, yes the harness is large and YOU HAVE TO SEE WHAT MINI_ballast really measure up to HxW. But Dillonr has done this to his old Fury he sold and a VTX 1300!!!
The Fury has a open frame and this fact makes wiring lights rather hard, hard to hide wires and clips ect....

Later all,

IM goin out FOR A BLAST ON THE FURY!!!! 70 and sunny out today!!!
Did i hear my name? whats going on guys? i did do a hid upgrade and was the best mod i did to my fury, if anyone has any questions just ask. or look for my link, and i just put two on my street glide and my buddys. is where i got it from i have bought around six kits from them and have had no problem!
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