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Hola from Cali

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I'm coming over from the crotch rocket side and hope to pick up an SE next month! Got the OK for the "Boss" so I am in search of a deal! Cool website and I will be lurking fo sure!
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Howdy from Texas:D Welcome to the site. My boss said it was a great idea to get me off my Gixer.
Yeah, most of the guys were trying to have me get a dirt bike but I kind of like the open road! Had an R1 and a Busa so I got alot of the crazy stuff out.....I think?:D
Congrats! From an old "crotch rocket" guy myself you will love the new feel.
I was in a similar situation with my R1 and my Duc 1098S... picked up an SE and have not regretted it :cool:
Ok guys....put my deposit in an SE today and should have it sometime next month unless the dealer can locate one and do a trade which means I can get it sooner. More to follow.......
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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